Saturday, January 26, 2013

Music and writing.

Nathan Bransford wrote a piece on music. Of course much of writing is tied to music. In his article he says:

        "Music has such a strange power. It certainly doesn't feel at all momentous when you're listening to       a new song, but that song places an anchor in your brain and it takes nothing but a repeat listen years later to bring memories rushing back to a time you might never have remembered without it."

This resonates in a few different ways. The first is the obvious. There is definitely music that takes me back to a certain time. But there is also music that brings up a certain emotion when I listen to it.  A lot of times, when I write, I listen to music to invoke a certain emotion. It can set a tone. I can feel my heartbeat changing and my breath matching and it comes out in what I write. I can take the emotion and feed it into my writing and when it's right, I can describe my emotion in the form of a character.

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